Making our offices and events


In 2016 we launched ‘Sustainable 10’: a ten point plan to help us maintain our offices and create events that benefit our customers, employees, communities and the environment.

The ‘Sustainable 10’ is a simple ten point plan which aligns our sustainability objectives with our Events First strategy. The plan comprises those priority areas identified by our stakeholders as having the potential to contribute most significantly to these objectives. The‘10’apply primarily to our events, but to our offices where relevant, and are set out in more detail below.

1 Safe Track

We systematically audit for health and safety standards at our events and in our offices worldwide. All employees have health and safety training on joining Informa Markets.

2 Save the Carpets

At events we leave some aisles uncarpeted. APLF, a Informa Markets event in Hong Kong, saved 35 soccer fields worth of carpeting that would have gone to landfill.

3 Recycled Paper

We are working to ensure that recycled paper is used across all of our offices and events to reduce the carbon impact of our paper use by 27%.

4 Reduce Print

Our office IT systems support mobile working, reducing the need to print. During 2016, Hong Kong based events alone reduced print quantities by 23% and saved over $80,000 from this change.

5 Lower Booths

Exhibitors at Cosmoprof Asia reduced stand height by a metre – and saved 1,720m³ of stand material and 86 truck journeys.

6 Look at Waste

Informa Markets events generated around 4,600 tonnes of landfill waste in 2015. By reviewing our waste and recycling, we have prevented more then 2,000 tonnes of waste going to landfill in 2016.

7 Think Energy

One event can consume as much energy as an office uses in a year. We encourage event planners and venues to switch to LED lights to save electricity.

8 Staff Communication

Our employees feel good about working for a company that cares, and will last. We share our achievements in person, through the sustainability newsletter, and on the Hub.

9 Customer Communication

We tell our clients when we save them money and help to protect the environment.
This encourages collaboration and a successful partnership.

10 Partner Locally

We look to develop charity partners linked to our events. For example, Food Ingredients has partnered with The Hunger Project for three years running.