CABE HK 2018活動系列

一 帶 一 路 聯 歐 亞

共 進 共 榮 共 享 華

Belt and Road to Everywhere

Hand in Hand to Global Win

 活動 1 –   “一 帶 一 路  綠色和安全項目”免費研討會

  Programme detail
  Date: 11 May 2018
  Time: 10.30 am – 13.30 pm
  Venue: Room C, Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Programme Rundown

10:30 am       接待Reception
smallClockIcon 10:45-10:46   歡迎辭 Opening Remarks

陳華岳主席, 英國特許建築工程師


Ivan Chan, Chairman of CABE, HK Chapter

Ambassador of CABE(UK)


smallClockIcon 10:46-11:00   合作備忘錄簽署儀式MOU Signing Ceremony


 smallClockIcon 11:00-11:05  簡介 “一帶一路”商協會會長秘書長聯盟 Introduction to Belt and Road Alliance

主禮嘉賓 蘭芳會長



Guest of Honor-Lady Lan Fang

Executive President of Belt and Road Alliance of Presidents & Secretary Generals of Commerce Association

 smallClockIcon 11:05-11:20   傳统的一般合同條件下的貨幣債權與NEC下的賠償事件的比較與對比。Monetary Claims under the Traditional General Conditions of Contract and     A Comparison and Contrast with the Compensation Events under the NEC.

王光銳工程師, 多本建築合約刊物作者

Ir WONG Kwong Yui, RPE, author of several articles in construction contracts


 smallClockIcon 11:20-11:35 “一帶一路”倡議-安全管理體系如何幫助减少大灣區的建築施工事故  How Safety Management System can help to reduce the building construction’s accidents in Greater Bay Areas, as well as Belt and Road Initiatives

劉倖誠Jimmy LAU



Visiting Lecturer of several universities

Immediate Past President  of HKSRSARO

 smallClockIcon 11:35-11:50 大灣區新機遇 New Opportunities in Guangdong-HK-Macao-Bay Area


粤港澳大灣區 經貿協會 創會聯繫人

Dr. Willie LAI, Founding Connector of Guangdong-HK-Macao-Bay Area Economic And Trade Association

 smallClockIcon 11:50-12:05   粤港澳大灣區 Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Bay Area

張宏業測量師, 威格斯資產評估顧問有限公司執行董事

Sr David CHEUNG, Executive Director of Vigers Appraisal and Consulting Ltd.

 smallClockIcon 12:05-12:40  科學和技術:從過去到未来Science and Technology: From Past to Future

岑麗珊博士Dr. Lisa SHUM


Vice President of University of South Australia Alumni Association Hong Kong and Chairlady of its Doctoral Society

乐法成 教授工程师,



Ir Professor Louis F.S. LOCK

Lecturer of several universities,

Honorary Advisor of CABE


smallClockIcon 12:40-1:05pm   建築工程师如何爬到房地產階梯的頂端?How can a Building Engineer climb to the top of the Real Estate Ladder?



Mr. Kyran SZE, MH, AP(A), Advisor of CABE, President of KYSS



smallClockIcon 1:05 pm     本學會簡介 Briefing of CABE

                          感谢辭Closing Remarks




Kimmy Tseng, Ambassador of CABE(UK) , Chairman of Membership/CPD,

President of Institute of China-HK REP 


Presentation of Appreciation Certificates

大合照     Group Photo
smallClockIcon  1:30 PM完滿成功End of Seminar
  • Rundown may be adjusted subject to actual schedule


Special Thanks to Co-Organizers




Special Thanks to Speakers

Lady Lan Fang, Ir WONG Kwong Yui, Mr. Jimmy Lau, Dr. Willie LAI,

Sr David CHEUNG, Dr.Lisa SHUM , Ir Professor Louis F.S. LOCK & Mr.Kyran SZE,MH



Sponsoring Organisations

KYSS Properties Limited



Supporting Organisations

Belt and Road Alliance of Presidents & Secretary Generals of Commence Association

The University of Hong Kong Department of Civil Engineering

Centre for Innovation in Construction and Infrastructure Development

Hong Kong College & Technology

Hong Kong Green Building Council

Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators

Hong Kong Institute of Certified Property Managers

Fudan University,HK Aiumni Asso of College of Distance Edcation

Guangdong-HK Asso for the Promotion of Technology Enterprise (HK) Ltd.

The Open University of HK

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,Industrial Centre,ICSCCA

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Institute of China-Hong Kong Real Estate Professionals Ltd.

Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administrators

 Urban Renewal Authority